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Whether you are looking to improve your living space, increase value of your property or simply fulfill a lifelong ambition to make your dream home, tile installation is a right option for you.

Time-tested and true, tile adds distinct beauty and character to any room, while enhancing its functionality and performance. Easy to maintain, attractive and eco-friendly, tiles create a surface with proven impact resistance and durability.

Available in a myriad range of sizes, shapes, colors, materials and textures, tile multiplies the possibilities of design and personalization.

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How we can help you with your tile installation project

Whether you are looking to install a new kitchen backsplash or tile flooring, resurface your fireplace, or accent a wall in your home or commercial space, R.T.D. Experts will have you covered. We have extensive experience in working with a wide variety of tiles including ceramic tile, glass tile, marble tile, porcelain tile, travertine tile, granite tile, natural & engineered stone. On the top of that, we know how to handle the most intricate design patters. From interior to exterior projects, residential to commercial, we offer exceptional quality tile installation services and personalized solutions for every project.

Starting with your needs assessment, our team will guide you through the entire process and ensure that all your project needs have been discussed and addressed. From selection of the proper materials, creation of the project schedule, completion of the demolition and preparation work, to the installation of your tiles, our dedicated tile installers will be with you every step on the way to ensure your piece of mind and desired outcome.

From inspiration to installation, we will make your tile installation journey worry-free and easy!

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Our tile installation process

During our first consultation, we will collect all necessary information required for the successful completion of your tile project. Our professional crew will take note of what you are planning to accomplish and advise you on various installation options and materials. In addition to that, our team will:

  • assess condition of your substrate surface or old flooring
  • take note of any demolition and/or preparation work required
  • review your project goals and wishes
  • take necessary measurements
  • discuss your budget and timelines.

Once we determine the scope of your tile project, we will prepare and provide you with a detailed quote outlining all aspects of your project. Naturally, we will ensure that you have a full understanding of everything that is required for the successful completion of your tile project. Hence, our quote will include the following main aspects:

  • cost of materials (tile, waterproofing system, soundproofing materials, etc.)
  • amount and cost of demolition and/or preparation work
  • cost of installation labor

After you agree on the quote, we will discuss your project start date and create a working schedule that suits your requirements. When everything is finalized, our tile setting crew will start working on your project giving it their undivided attention. Having in mind protection of your property, our team will cover all sensitive areas around the working space to ensure your piece of mind during the entire construction process. Additionally, our team will do their utmost to minimize the inconvenience of the tile setting, making sure that you are pleased with the process and the end result.

During the entire renovation process, our team of tile installers will be available to answer any additional questions you might have with respect to your tile project. Further to this, our tile setters will provide you with some tips and tricks on care and maintenance of your new tile surface.

Our tile installation services

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