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Professional Residential & Commercial Flooring Installation Services in Calgary and Area

For a lot of property owners, flooring installation can become an overwhelming experience. Apart from complexity of the installation process, there are so many other factors to consider when choosing your new flooring.

When remodeling your home or office, it is important to create an environment that will be equally functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are looking to add a touch of style into your interior or freshen up the look of your space, you need an underfoot surface that is comfortable and durable.

Choosing the right flooring can make a big difference in terms of functionality and feel of your property. Therefore, it is important to invest in floors that will keep pace with your daily activities while infusing your space with unique character. When selecting your new flooring, you need to take into account various physical characteristics of the space you are working with. In addition to that, you need to review the pros and cons of the flooring surface you are considering to install.

There are a variety of flooring options available in today’s market, but whatever you decide to go for, you should aim for the finest quality materials and installation. Invariably, investing in the top-quality materials and professional flooring installation will ensure durability and extended beauty of your new flooring surface.

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How we can help you with your flooring installation project

At R.T.D. Experts, we know that hiring an experienced flooring contractor can be nearly as important as selecting the right flooring material. Hence, we commit ourselves to providing you with excellent workmanship and superior service at competitive prices. We offer a complete range of flooring installation services for both residential and commercial environments. We have vast experience working with a variety of flooring surfaces, including laminate flooring, carpet tile flooring, luxury vinyl tile & luxury vinyl planks.

From small scale to large scale projects we:

  • offer personalized flooring solutions and dedicated customer service to all our clients.

  • complete each and every project with superior quality, professionalism and utmost care.

  • guide you through the entire installation process, making certain that all your questions have been answered.

  • undertake every project keeping your best interest in mind, making sure that your new flooring reflects your vision and serves your particular needs.


We work with reputable flooring suppliers and can help you source the highest quality flooring materials. Please visit our flooring suppliers for more information on different types of flooring, their technical and performance characteristics, colors and textures.

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Our flooring installation process

During our first on-site meeting, our flooring experts will ask you several questions about your flooring needs and expectations. They will learn more about your space and your preferences as well as explore any ideas you might have about your space function and aesthetics. Our crew will also:​​

  • provide you with information on different flooring options available
  • assess condition of your substrate or old-flooring and take note of any demolition and/or preparation work required
  • measure your space and take note of its layout
  • discuss your budget and timelines.

After we collect all necessary information about your flooring projects, our team will provide you with a detailed quote. In addition, our team will answer any of your questions with respect to each and every item listed on the quote. They will also ensure that you have a full understanding of all elements of the project. Our quote will cover the following main aspects:

  • cost of installation labor
  • amount and cost of demolition and/or preparation work
  • costs of materials (flooring, underlayment, radiant floor heating system, etc.)

Upon acceptance of the quote, we will create a project schedule that will work around your busy life. As soon as everything is finalized, our team will commence the job.

To start with, our flooring installers will cover all areas of work to ensure that you property is protected during the construction process. At the same time, our crew will do their uttermost to minimize the amount of discomfort associated with the process.

During the construction process, our flooring experts will be available to speak with you about any project queries you might have. Upon completion of your flooring project, our team will have your space cleaned up and ready for your immediate use.

Our flooring installation services

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