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Looking to install epoxy flooring in your home or business environment? Unsure what epoxy flooring is and whether it will be suitable for your needs? We can help you clarify these aspects.

Epoxy flooring is a new trend in flooring industry that quickly gains popularity among home and business owners. It consists of two main components, liquid resin and hardening agent, which, when mixed together, undergo a chemical relation and form a smooth, durable and solid surface. When properly installed and cured, epoxy flooring becomes an integral part of your building structure serving as a decorative and functional element of your interior.

Epoxy flooring is comprised of multiple layers applied to the substrate surface. Epoxy flooring can vary in depth of the epoxy, depending on application and type of the system. In general, any epoxy flooring system with a depth of epoxy less than 2 mm is considered to be an epoxy floor coating. Even though there is a difference between the two, both terms are often being used interchangeably. Both epoxy flooring and epoxy floor coating offer a broad range of functional benefits, including but not limited to high impact and water resistance, heat and fire resistance, enhanced safety and traction control (with certain additives), low maintenance requirements and low environmental impact.

Epoxy flooring is extremely versatile and suitable for application at all sorts of commercial, educational, recreational and residential facilities. With myriad colors, textures and application techniques, epoxy floors can be customized into a wide range of styles, needs and designs, allowing for a truly unique flooring experience. If you want to breathe a new life into your home, office or retail space, epoxy flooring is your number one choice.

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How we can help you with your epoxy flooring project

At R.T.D. Experts, we offer numerous epoxy flooring solutions for all kinds of residential, commercial and retail environments. We have broad experience working with a variety of epoxy flooring systems, including flake epoxy floors, quartz epoxy floors, decorative/metallic epoxy floors and self-leveling epoxy floors. We can professionally install epoxy floor coating in every space you can imagine, including your bedroom, living room, bathroom, garage, patio and more. For retail and commercial clients, we offer epoxy flooring installation services for restaurants, salons, bar areas, commercial kitchens, retail areas, etc.

With R.T.D. Experts, you can expect:

  • the highest quality installation.

  • competitive pricing.

  • superior customer service.


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For more information on different pigments and additives used with the epoxy flooring systems or to get help with visualizing your new epoxy flooring, please visit the website of our suppliers.

Types of epoxy flooring systems we work with

epoxy flooring installation Calgary
epoxy floor installation Calgary
Epoxy Flooring Calgary
epoxy floor Calgary