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Epoxy countertops coating is a revolutionary way in transforming old, worn-out countertops into a custom work of art. Epoxy coating provides a unique opportunity to acquire a brand new, custom-tailored and functional surface without the need to replace your old counters. Above all, epoxy coating can be applied over a variety of surfaces including wood, ceramic, granite, quartz, laminate and more. Such flexibility in application makes epoxy coating more affordable and enticing solution for both residential and business owners.

Aside from aesthetically pleasing appearance, epoxy countertops offer a number of functional benefits including exceptional durability, heat and impact resistance. Furthermore, epoxy countertops create a seamless non-porous surface which prevents growth of bacteria and impedes penetration of water. Additionally, they are easy to clean, food safe and non-toxic.

With multitude of colors, textures and design to choose from, epoxy countertops can be fully customized to meet any aesthetic requirements. Based on your preferences, epoxy countertops can be designed to resemble a natural appearance of marble, granite, lava, water and more. This, in turn, allows for a completely unique countertop experience resulting in one-of-a-kind finish.

If you looking are revive your existing countertops and acquire a unique and durable surface in the process, our team of epoxy countertops experts will be pleased to assist you.

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How we can help you with your epoxy countertops project

At R.T.D. Experts, we offer professional epoxy countertops installation in Calgary and area. We install epoxy countertops in both residential and commercial interiors. Our epoxy installers have skills and abilities to handle the most intricate designs, allowing to transform your chosen surface into a custom, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. We are able to install epoxy coating over the existing or new custom-build surfaces, including kitchen and bathroom counters, tabletops, desktops, coffee tables, bar tops, kitchen islands and more.

Our team is fully dedicated to help you bring your countertop design ideas to life. To attain this, we use the best quality materials, careful attention to detail and artisanal craftsmanship.

Whatever your project is, with R.T.D. Experts you can count on quality installation that will meet and exceed your expectations.

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